Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Nails

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and Santa was good to everyone :)

I know some people are really good at painting their nails but I am not one of those people haha. I am awful at painting my nails. As you can see below. My left hand is usually better but even then there tends to be nail polish everywhere. Normally one of two things happens when I paint my nails. Either I have polish all over the whole top of my finger (sometimes I have to go back with a q tip and a bit of nail polish remover to tidy up the sides like now for example haha). Or else I am impatient and end up smudging it. You'd think I learn but this happens most of the time I paint my nails.

Anyway I had red nails for Christmas at first but I did one coat Sunday I think it was because I wanted it to dry really well to try and prevent smudging. When I eventually got around to putting on the second coat on Christmas morning both smudged. It was a disaster. The red was 'aperitif' by Essie. So I repainted my nails with a combination that I quite like. I used a silver and a red sparkly nail polish. Both polishes are from Wet n Wild's Wild Shine collection. The silver is in 468 and the red sparkly one is in 435G. Both were in my New York Haul part 3. I must say I love the wet n wild nail polishes. They seems to dry fast which is really good for me! :)

Hopefully they don't chip to much for tomorrow night. It's been a while since I used either of these nail polishes so I can't remember what the lasting power is like. Although saying that being Stephen's night I'd say the last thing on my mind will be whether or not my nails are chipped. The way the weather has been lately I'll probably be more worried about my tan running everywhere. Hope everyone heading out Stephen's night and any other night over the holiday season stays safe. I hope everyone is having a great time this Christmas!


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