Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My Hair Journey

I have put my hair through a lot in the past year. Way too much really. My poor hair doesn't know what is going on anymore. When it comes to my hair I like to change it up every now and then. That used to involve getting it cut pretty short at times. Thing about getting it cut short was once it was cut I couldn't wait for it to get long again! A few years ago I decided no more cutting my hair and waiting what seemed like forever for it to grow back. Instead I decided to dye it. At first I dyed a section under my hair blonde. I was doing this for quite a few years. It wasn't the most noticeable unless my hair was up or my hair was just cut and the blonde came out under the layers. Eventually I decided to dye it all. I gravitated towards brown. I dyed it brown let it grow out a few summers ago. Last year I decided to dye it brown again. I was happy with that for a while but that I started to think it didn't take properly or something so I dyed it brown again. Looking back it ended up nearly black which was not my intention. That was fine for a couple of months. Then on a whim I decided I wanted to go blonde. My big mistake was trying to do it myself. Not smart but what can I say, I didn't want to pay to get it done professionally. Not a good idea in hindsight. My hair ended up very blonde on top and the rest turned very ginger. I believe what happened was the blonde took to my roots where the previous dye had grown out and mixed with the other dyes in the rest of my hair. It was a bit of a disaster. At first I tried to dye over it again so it wouldn't be as bad. Eventually I decided to try Decolour remover from Boots. I hoped it would remove the leftover dyes and help even out my hair. It was definitely improvement, but in certain light I still thought it was uneven and I wasn't happy with it so I dyed it blonde again at home a couple of times within a 2 or 3 month period. I think it has improved a lot since I first tried to go blonde but at times I can still see a kind of line which really frustrates me. A few weeks ago, one of the girls said brown suited me better so I started to think about it. I went through old pictures and tried to decide which I like better. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures when my hair was brown before it was nearly black.

 Ages Top l-r 18 19 20 Bottom l-r Dec 21 March 21 Aug 21 and Sept 21

As you can see my hair has changed a lot over the past few years. I plan to dye it again soon. Back to brown and then leave it alone. That is the plan anyway. This time I am going to do it properly i.e professionally.If you know any good affordable treatments or anything for coloured hair please leave a comment below.


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