Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sligo Haul

Last week I went shopping in Sligo. I can't even remember the last time I was in Sligo but I was very excited to do some shopping there! My first stop had to be Cara Pharmacy. I was disappointed at first because I went into the small one but then I found the bigger one in the shopping centre so I was happy. There were so many Christmas sets, I wanted all of them!

Despite my disappointment at the small Cara I picked up 2 nail polishes. I think both of these will be great coming up to Christmas. The first was by W7 it's called Moondust the second is a Sally Hansen xtreme wear polish. I can't actually see the name of the shade though. I have 2 other shades in this range that I really like. There was another shade in Cara that regret not picking up. It would have been a lovely colour for Christmas. It was red with a bit of gold going through it.

I also went to TK Maxx. Normally I get bored with TK Maxx. I think you have to be in the mood to shop there. For me it is very hit and miss. Thankfully the TK Maxx in Sligo was a good hit! I got a really nice dress on sale.

I got this little gem in the big Cara. So far I have only used the lip butter but it feels soo nice. It's not sticky or anything. I can't decide if I like the smell though. It is supposed to be Hot Chocolate.

As usual I had to hit Penneys too. I was so glad I did. I got this top which I was eying in Athlone but the line was too long. When I saw it reduced in Sligo I was so happy! I just had to have it.

I picked this last item up on a whim. It was also reduced. I can't wait to organize my room and find a place to put it.


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