Saturday, 18 January 2014

Another Sales Haul

Being the shopping addict that I am, I had a wander around the Penneys in Galway today. Picked up a few bits all on sale. I just couldn't help myself. So first is a pair of knee high cosy socks. I had a pair before but they got a bit worn out. They keep falling down it gets very frustrating. So when I saw these for a euro I couldn't pass them up. 

I saw this skirt a while back and I was going to get it but I was going through a phase when I was not buying black or at least I was trying not to buy black. That didn't last long haha. I love the design on it so when I saw it today originally 11 euro reduced to 3 I decided to finally buy it.

Then I picked up this plain top. I just liked the colour. It was 3 euro reduced to 1. To be honest now that I brought it home I'm not to sure how I feel about the colour but for a euro I'm sure it will be worth it.

This next top I have in blue but the strap broke the first time I wore it. I really hope it was just that one and that the same thing doesn't happen to this one. It was reduced to a euro so I decided to risk it. I get the feeling they didn't sell very well because my blue one was reduced from 13 euro to 5 if I remember right and now they are only 1. Might go back tomorrow and get the black one haha.

This last top I was a little unsure about because it zips all the way down in the back but I thought it was cute and a little different from the other crop tops I have. I like the kind of slants or partial cut outs I guess I don't know what else to call them. I haven't tried it on yet but hopefully it looks nice. This top was 11 euro reduced to 1. 

That makes three tops in Penneys all 1 euro. I was so happy with the tops even though I didn't try them on. It was a bit crazy in there probably the usual for a Saturday. I might have another peek tomorrow haha. I also picked up another pair of tights with the built in sock. I wore the pair I got last week for the first time today but they were so comfy I decided to pick up another pair. For 2 euro sure why not :) Most of my tights are the rib ones (I think that's what they are called) but the velcro of my jacket has been giving them little pulls so going to have to either pick up a few new pairs of tights or just be more careful :)

I also had a wander around a few other shops but the only other one I picked anything up in was Cara. My first purchase was a Catrice gel eye liner brush. I had one of these before but I lost it. I never replaced it because I had an angled brush from I set I got as a gift. Sadly I forgot that angled brush at home when I came back to Galway. I've been using a smudge brush to put black eyeshadow on my lid to give a similar effect but I missed my gel eyeliner to much so I caved and bought this brush today. I love how one side is an angled brush and the other is bent. It makes it really easy to get a nice line :) I believe this was 2.79. 

I also forgot my Yes to Cucumber cleanser. I've been using my Sephora cleansing oil to take my makeup off but I've been bad and have not been cleansing. I must say my skin got pretty clear until this morning considering I wasn't using cleanser. Anyway I decided since I was starting to break out a bit I would get a new cleanser. I wasn't sure what to get at first. I saw this Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily wash. It says 'visibly mattifies the skin and unclogs pores with tangerine & time'. I hope this ends up being a good purchase. It was 5.58 reduced to 3.49 in Cara.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Send me your links. Always looking for new blogs to check out.


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