Thursday, 2 January 2014

WA Cafe

So my housemate introduced me to this amazing place WA cafe about a month ago. It is the most delicious affordable adorable place. It is a Japanese Sushi cafe/restaurant near the docks in Galway. It is amazing. I had never tried sushi but I wanted to try something new so we decided to go. I loved it! A few weeks later I went again with a friend from home. It's just so nice I just had to bring someone haha.  At first it might not look like a lot of food but believe me it is so filling. The second time I was there I couldn't finish my food. I ended up bringing the leftovers home but I forgot to bring them back from Galway the next day. I only remembered when I was on the bus. You can imagine I was pretty annoyed with myself. 

I strongly recommend it to anyone in the Galway area or that is visiting. It is so delicious. Luckily my friend came prepared with the camera :D Looks so good can't wait to go back soon!

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