Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My favorite make-up brushes

Hey there. I've been meaning to do this post for weeks! It seemed like every time I cleaned my brushes I'd use them before taking pictures and I didn't want to do the post with dirty brushes so I finally washed them and got pictures before using them :) So here we go.

I'm going to start with face brushes. The first two I got as a gift in a set from Bare Escentuals. I think it was some kind of starter set. Even though I believe this first brush is a foundation brush I use it for power to set my foundation. I've been using it for years and I just love it!

The next brush is a blush brush. I love it because its not to big or to small. Its the perfect width and everything. I have been using this for years too. It's kind of rare for me to stick to one particular brush but when it comes to these two I haven't changed them in a long time! :)

Next is my bronzer brush.I used to use a Too Faced one I got for Christmas a few years ago, then I started to use an e.l.f angled contour brush and used the Too Faced one to buff it out. Now I am absolutely in love with the Nima brush I got this at a Dublin meet-up hosted by Samantha from All The Buzz. I absolutely love it. It's so fast and easy to use I've started wearing bronzer on a daily basis!

My last face brush is one I also got from a meet-up. This one was a Galway Blogger party hosted by Rebecca from BecBoop. It's a foundation brush by Blank Canvas. This is one I think may be sticking around for the long haul. Before this brush I was using a Real Techniques stippling brush which I liked but I love this Blank Canvas brush. It's an F20 and it's my favorite foundation brush ever! 

Onto the eye brushes. I have gone through a few different eye brushes through the years. But lately I have been using one brush for all my eye shadows. I think I might have just got lucky with my 1st one of these brushes because when I bought another it shed.....a lot! :/ Anyway the brush is the E.L.F Essentials blending eye brush. I find it so handy for everyday eye shadow. It's just really easy to use.

The next brush I want to mention in this post is the E.L.F essentials smudge brush. I used to use this brush to smudge black shadow under my lower lash line on nights out but lately I have been using it to fill in my brows. It's such a handy brush. I believe I got it in New York for $1. At that price how could you pass it up!

There's one other brush I want to mention, I don't have a picture of it at the moment but I did mention it in my Another Sales Haul post. It's the Catrice gel eyeliner brush. I loved this. I love the way one side of the brush was bent for my gel liner and then there's the actual angled brush side to either set the liner in my waterline or smudge shadow under my lower lash line. However lately I haven't seen the Essence gel liner I normally buy so for the time being I have gone back to liquid liner. I still use this brush in my water line though. It's a great inexpensive brush to have!

I have plenty more brushes, back-ups in case these ones or wet or in case I forget them either in my college house or my home house and ones that I just stopped using for no specific reason. I think it's good to keep brushes that may not be your favorite just to be on the safe side. :) But these are my main ones! Thanks for reading!


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