Monday, 26 August 2013

New York Haul Part 3

Hey! So this is gonna be the last part of my New York haul, beauty wise anyway. I haven't decide whether or not to do a post on the clothes and shoes I bought over there. I bought so many beauty products over the summer it's crazy! 

Starting with eye products. Even in that category I don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with NYX products. I know I mentioned in the 1st part of my haul the lip part I got my NYX products in Sears when they were 50% off. Since they were cheap and all I picked up a couple of eye products too. I love smokey eyes so I picked up two NYX Ultra Pearl Mania. One is white the other is silver. I don't know the actual names. I guess I accidentally took the names off when I took the price off. They are so handy. I really love the white. 

Another NYX product I picked up was one I saw a youtuber talking about. I really wanted to get my hands on the NYX roll on shimmer in Salmon. So when I found it in Sears 50% off I just couldn't pass it up. I use it as an eye shadow even though the packaging says eyes face and body. It goes on so easy but sometimes I have to roll in on my hand for a second to get the product to come out. 

Then I got some Wet n Wild Coloricon trios. I absolutely love these products! They are pigmented and they last a long time without creases even without a primer. I got one in Walking on Eggshells (the first pictured below) and one in Silent Treatment (pictured second below). They have become my everyday eye shadows. I wish I bought more when I was over there! I was so excited when I heard wet n wild is coming to Ireland!

I picked up a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. I saw a youtuber talking about it in a video and it looked absolutely amazing. So when I saw it in New York and it was cheaper than over here, I decided to pick it up. Personally I am not to fond of it. I think it will be more of a base for me than a shadow on its own. Its a champagne color and it is really nice. I love the color tattoos because they stay on my lid for hours without a primer. I have worn Barely Branded with a dark brown or black in the crease and it is a beautiful color but I probably will stick to the my coloricons for day to day wear.

Another Sears purchase (again 50% off makeup how can anyone resist!) I got this Maybelline Eyestudio in Silver Spark. So handy for a quick smokey eye. It's so easy just throw a bit of the silver on the lid and the black in the crease done and dusted. 

I have ranted to a few people already about this next product. Not the product itself the price. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick/Crayon in Blackmail. I haven't used it as a shadow but I love putting it on my lower lash line and smudging it out. It is so creamy. It just glides right on. I love it! Now to the rant part. I picked this up in Target. It was $4 (roughly 3 euro) in boots the same product is €5.95! Pretty much twice the price to buy a product that comes from an English brand in Ireland than it is to buy the same product in America. Granted some shops that sell Rimmel in America charge a little more. I think I saw the Scandaleyes eye shadow stick/crayon in CVS for $4.69 (roughly €3.50). I find that so frustrating. The worse part is I meant to pick up one or two more before I came back and I never got around to it.

Another ELF product I picked up was the Eyebrow Treat and Tame in light. I usually forget to use the treat side but I use the tame side a lot and I love it! I love this product it's so easy and fast. I just run it through my brows when i finish my makeup and run out the door.

More ELF haha. I was in either T.J. Maxx or Marshall's I forget which. I spotted three ELF eyelid primers and I picked them up. I never used to use eyelid primers so I have nothing to compare these too but I do love them. My eye shadow last longer when I use these products. No more worrying about my shadows creasing throughout the day. 

I heard somewhere that the Wet n Wild Coloricon bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana was a good highlight so I decided to pick it up. I can't recall how much I paid for it but in my opinion it's more of a powder to set my foundation rather than a highlight. As a face powder I quite like Reserve Your Cabana, I was very disappointed it wasn't as good of a highlight as I thought it would be but I'm glad I found another use for it. I actually dropped my Natural Collection powder a few days before I picked this up so it worked out pretty well.

Not to long after the disappointment with the Reserve Your Cabana not being the kind of highlight I thought it would be I picked up the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip/Light bronzer another Sears purchase if I remember correctly. I love it! I use it on the top of my cheekbones. I love the color. I had a sort of highlight before but it seemed to yellow. I am so glad I found something that giver that bit of shimmer without being to yellow.

I got this product for $1 in Target. I wasn't sure whether or not to pick it up but since it was only $1 and it was in front of me I decided why not. Plus if I regretted it afterwards I didn't know how expensive the ELF shipping would be. I haven't actually used it yet. I've only swatched it on my hand so far, but I am looking forward to trying it out one of these days.

Now for a couple of blushes! :D I picked up A NYX blush in Bourgeois Pig I absolutely LOVE this blush. I use it all the time. It's my favorite blush at the moment. I am trying to use some of my other ones but I just can't keep away from the NYX blush.

 I heard somewhere that the Wet n WIld Coloricon blush in Pearlescent Pink was a dupe for Nars Orgasm I think I can't remember now haha. I used it at first but then I picked up the NYX blush and Pearlescent Pink kind of got pushed to the side.

I picked up this ELF duo when I started contouring. It is in the shade St Lucia. I love this bronzer. Its so cute with a little shimmer in it. I love the blush too. Then again this blush also got put to the side because of the NYX blush.

When I was in the ELF Studio store in New York City I picked up this Complexion Perfection compact. I wasn't sure what to think of this product or how to use it but I tried using it under my foundation and I am happy enough with it. I don't use it everyday or anything, mainly because I forget half the time haha. 

At the beginning of the summer I was planning on getting myself a MAC foundation but then I had picked up a couple of other foundations so I decided not to pick up a MAC one. Instead I decided to pick up the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus.So far I am happy with it. I am petrified of dropping it though. The joys of powders haha.

When I went over to New York I was almost out of my Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation but I decided to wait until I got to New York to pick up more foundation. I ended up buying 6 foundations over the summer. I really wanted to try the Revlon Colorstay foundation. The picture below is actually my second one. Sadly the second one I picked up wasn't the same as the first one. The second one has SPF 15 and is a little darker but I still use it everyday. Its my favorite foundation. It just stays in place and I just love it! I'm not going to like spending €18-19 on it when this one runs out since the first one I got was $13 I think and the second was $7.50 but it stays put all day and matches my skin I think anyway haha. 

 I also picked up a Revlon Colorstay Whipped I was intrigued at the idea of a whipped foundation. I was going to pick up the Covergirl version but I watched a few youtube videos and decided to go for the Revlon instead. I love mixing this with my other Revlon Colorstay foundation. I used to apply it with my Real Techniques stippling brush but I found the brush got cakey quickly. Lately I wash my brushes once a week but when I use the Colorstay Whipped foundation the brush needs to be washed almost every other day.

I picked up this Covergirl foundation in Sears, it was $4 I think not sure. I only used it a couple of times. It is a very thick consistency so it's hard to get out without a pump. I used the pump from my Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation a couple of times. I haven't used it very often lately mainly because I've been using my Revlon Colorstay foundations.

I picked up another Revlon foundation. This time a PhotoReady foundation that was 75% off in sears when I picked it up. I was looking at it earlier in the summer but I decided not to pick it up at the time but 75% off I just couldn't pass it up. It was hard enough to pass up makeup at 50% off but 75% is like impossible for me haha.

On to the nail polish. I wasn't a huge nail polish person because I am to impatient and end up messing my nails up before the dry and my nails chip after a few hours a day max. I picked up a bunch of Wet n Wild nail polishes. I love the range of colors and for such a cheap nail polish they lasted long enough. First I saw the Spoiled collection by Wet n Wild in CVS. When I saw the white I couldn't pass it up. I love white nails and in Ireland I find it hard to find a white white nail polish. There are so many that seem white but end up more shimmery or something. The white is called Correction Tape. The blue is called Plenty of Fish in the Sea. And the purple is called Magic Carpet Ride. Magic Carpet Ride is a lovely color but it is very opaque. I don't like it on its own but I love how shimmery it is. 

I picked up a couple of the Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes. On the left is Heatwave. In the middle is Sugar Coat and on the right is On a Trip. I find that Sugar Coat is also very opaque but I like it with the Spoiled nail polish in Correction Tape underneath. I love wearing On a Trip under Magic Carpet Ride. They are just lovely polishes. and for $1.99 you can't go wrong!

 More Wet n Wild nail polishes haha I picked up Metallica (left) and Sparkled (right). I can't remember how much these polishes were. I think they were either $1.99 or maybe even $0.99. So inexpensive. I also picked up a Wild Shine clean nail protector.

I got all 4 of these Sally Hansen nail polishes on offer. The Crackle one is called Wave Break. I got if for like 75% off in CVS. I think it is a beautiful blue colour. I love it. The pink one (Fuchsia Power) and the white (White On) I got both of these in Sears for 50% off. And then there is the magnetic one. I was very curious about magnetic nail polish. I really wanted to give it a try. I picked up Silver Elements the same time I picked up the Revlon PhotoReady foundation for 75% off in Sears. I just love it!

So many purchases over the summer. So much money spent on makeup and beauty products! Money well spent!



  1. Oh my gosh you bought so much stuff! They sound pretty amazing though :)

    Charlotte Adele

  2. I know I went a little crazy. Haha. I have so much now I can't decide what I like best!

  3. I know I went a little crazy. Haha. I have so much now I can't decide what I like best!