Friday, 16 August 2013

New York Haul

I spent this summer in New York and I went crazy shopping! As you do. ;)  I bought so much I think I'm going to split this into a few parts. Now to get into the good stuff, starting with lip products. Some of the stuff I got you can't get in Ireland and some of it was just cheaper over there hence why I went insane! SO let's jump right in.

Up until this summer I was more into eye makeup than anything else. However, this summer I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and bought a bunch of lip products even a couple of bronzers and blushes but I'll get into all that in my next blog post. I caved and bought 2 mac lipsticks while i was over there. I got 'Creme Cup' (left) and 'Hue' (right). I just fell in love with 'Creme Cup', to me it's the perfect colour for day time or night time. 'Hue' was a bit of a different story. Technically it was my last purchase in New York. I bought it in the airport at the MAC store. After looking in duty free and seeing the higher end products I was a little disappointed that there were no more affordable makeup products (even at the airport all I can think is makeup haha). As I was heading towards my departure gate I spotted the MAC store and I was in heaven. At first I couldn't decide what shade to pick up but then I remembered one day in Brown Thomas in Galway picking up 'Hue' again and again. When I swatched 'Hue' I loved it however on my lips there is less colour payoff than I was hoping for. I've only used 'Hue' once or twice so I'm trying to keep an open mind on that one for the time being.

I got 2 elf matte lip colours, one in 'Natural' and one in 'Tea Rose' i love them both. They are so handy and last so long. And for $3 like how could you go wrong! I got them in the elf studio store in New York City. It is so handy being able to actually test the products rather than guessing from the pictures online or the tube in store. The only thing I didn't like about the elf store in New York was that the majority of the store was the elf studio line as you may have guessed from the name. I was really looking forward to trying some essentials and minerals products but there was a very limited selection in the elf store. I was lucky enough to pick up a few other elf products in Target one of which was an elf essentials jumbo lip gloss stick in 'Pink Umbrellas' and a few other bits but I'll get into those in my next post. :)

When I was in Sears (which was quite often truth be told) they had 50% off cosmetics. 50% off like how can anyone resist! So I decided to purchase a Rimmel lipstick in 'Nude Delight' because I saw someone on youtube wearing it and it looked amazing! :)

 I also picked up a couple of NYX products. I was so excited to try NYX after seeing bits and pieces in youtube videos now and again. At first it was pretty hard to find NYX I thought it was a popular brand that would be in plenty of shops, I was pretty disappointed at first when I couldn't find the brand in any of the stores near me. Eventually I found it in Sears for 50% off! I was so lucky not only did i eventually find NYX but I got it on sale. I picked up 3 mega shine lip glosses in 'Salsa', 'Gold Pink' and 'Crystal Soda', 3 retractable lip liners in 'Peony', 'Fruit Punch' and 'Nectar' and a matte lip cream in 'Milan'.

During a couple of my very frequent trips to CVS I picked up 3 wet n' wild lip products. The first was a mega slicks lip gloss in 'Sweet Glaze' (560A). I wanted something that just added a bit of gloss for over any lipstick but I hate the way clear lip glosses with a brush applicator go pink or whatever colour the lipstick you apply them over is, so I decided to get a lip gloss that was already slightly pink in colour but that wouldn't be pigmented enough to outshine the lipstick I was wearing. I also picked up a very cute lipstick in 'Smokin' Hot Pink'. I just fell in love with the shade even though this particular shade is a bit bolder then I used to wear I couldn't resist. The final wet n' wild lip product I picked up was a lip liner lipstick duo in 120. Truth be told I haven't used this product that much. I just love the idea of it. It is so handy. No rooting for several products on a night out to touch up the old lips after a few drinks just one product and you are good to go for the liner and lipstick.

My last lip product is a Maybelline Colour Whisper in 'Mocha Muse'. I'm in love with the Revlon lip butters I have about 3 of them haha. So when Maybelline came out with the Colour Whispers I just had to try one. I didn't know what colour to go for so I decided to go with 'Mocha Muse' kind of a safer bet than some of the other colours. After picking up so many lip products several of which were bolder colours than I was used to I decided to go for a more natural colour this time. Next time may be a different story though ;)

So that's the end.....for now. Lots of lip products, most of which I'm pretty fond of so far. Thankfully :) I will say it is so much cheaper in New York than it is to purchase lip products in Ireland. A lot of what I got was on sale but with the exchange rate even the full prices are cheaper than here. It was good for me when I was over there however being back a lot of makeup seems more expensive now. I guess it's a good thing I bought so much over there haha.



  1. Gurl I was so excited to see you started blogging! Loved this :D But I'm gonna kill you I really want the mocha muse and the nude rimmel lippies haha. As you know I have creme cup and hue and absolutely love hue, it's just so hydrating! <3

  2. Haha I was so excited to start :D Mocha muse its great especially for everyday wear in my opinion :)you should get it when they come out here :D yea I'm obsessed with creme cup it's just hue I'm a bit iffy about but its early days yet :P

  3. Lav the MAC lipstick Trina <3 and yaya you blog .xx