Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Make Up Shelf Life

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I know certain products should only be kept for a certain period of time but I couldn't remember how long that was so I decided to look it up and thought I'd share what I found with you. I used 2 articles for the information in this post. The first is an allure article you can check out here. The second is an elle article which you can check out here. In the elle article Bobbi Brown outlined the shelf life of the products. So let's get started.


Allure: 2-3 months to be safe and if the mascara smells like gasoline it's gone bad.
Elle: 6 months.


Allure: 3 months for powder shadows. Keep a close eye on smell and colour of cream shadows.
Elle: 2 years.

Eyeliner (liquid and pencil):

Allure: 3 months. 
Elle: 1 year.


Allure: 6-12 months.
Elle: 2 years.


Allure: powder and stick up to 2 years. Liquid 1 year.
Elle: 2 years.


Allure: up to 2 years.
Elle: 2 years.


Allure: powder - 2 years. Cream - 1 year.
Elle: 2 years.

Lip Products:

Allure: 1 year.
Elle: 1 year.

Make Up Applicators:

Allure: Brushes washed every 2 weeks can last years. Cheap sponges 2 uses
Elle: Brushes wash every few weeks. Sponges 6 months - wash after every use.

The elle article also includes brow pencils - 1 year, moisturiser - 2 years and cleanser - 1 year. The allure articles has more detail than the elle one. I didn't want to go into detail in this post just give a quick outline of how long the articles give products. Personally I have quite a few products that are older than the shelf life given here. Especially eyeshadow and blush but they aren't irritating or breaking me out so they can stay in my collection for now. Hope this post was helpful.


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