Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Drugstore Wishlist

There are a few things I've had my eye on for a while now but the way things are I just haven't been able to get my hands on them. A few of these I just can't decide which to buy but I'm hoping to get my hands on these bits in the next few months.
1. Real Techniques Core Collection

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I have had my eye on these for a few weeks now, months really but I couldn't bring myself to pay €28.99. But recently I found out you can order them from and the core collection is only €15.98 including shipping so hopefully I will be adding these to my brush collection in the near future.

2. Foundation

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I'm coming to the end of my NYX stay matte not flat foundation so I have had my eye on what foundation to get next and these three are the ones I am considering at the moment but I just can't decide which one to go for. I think I might have to take the Bourjois 123 Perfect out of the running after testing it on my hand for like the 10th time I think the lightest shade might still be to dark for me. I find it so hard to tell sometimes.

3. Maybelline Eye Eraser

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I really need an under eye concealer. I need to embrace concealer in general haha. But I really want to try this one. I've read some good reviews on it so hoping to get my hands on it soon.

4. Sleek Makeup

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This is a very general one. I wanted to get my hands on some Sleek products for a while now. Last time I was at a Sleek stand I couldn't decide what to get and ended up leaving with nothing. :( after seeing they have a buy one get one half price on boots I'm thinking it may be time to place another boots order. :D I'm thinking of trying the I Divine palette in Oh So Special and maybe the Face Contour Kit in light.

(picture from

5. Tangle Teezer

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I've heard a lot of good things about Tangle Teezers. Recently I saw them in my local Cara for around €9. I'm hoping to get my hands on it soon. Do you use a tangle teezer? What do you think of them?

That's all for now. If you've tried any of these I'd love to hear what you think of them.


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