Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Rant-Product Prices

If you have read my New York Haul Part 3 you might remember me ranting about prices in relation to the Rimmel Scandaleyes jumbo eye pencils. It is something that, as someone on a tight-ish budget when it comes to makeup, really bothers me. 

The drastic difference in prices recently came to my attention again a few days ago. On a whim I decided to find an American drugstore that stocked Real Techniques brushes as I have had my eye on the Core Collection in Boots. I ended up on the Ulta website where the Core Collection which is €28.99 in Boots is a mere $17.99 which converted is roughly €13.64!

The crazy price differences can be seen in many products. Even elf is much cheaper in America. On elf's American website their studio hd mattifying cream foundation is $6 which converted is roughly €4.55. On the version of the website the same product is €9.96. Why such a big difference?

Maybe this is why Abercrombie & Fitch and other brands' websites automatically redirect to the EU version of the site. Does anyone know why there is such a difference? A few euro here or there I could understand but €5-15 differences for makeup products and that is still only the lower end. A non-beauty example with a larger price gap is a Michael Kors rose gold Mini Skylar watch. This particular watch is €279 on the Brown Thomas website is $250 on the Macy's website which is roughly 189.50. An €89.50 difference. Granted I don't know much about the prices of this watch Brown Thomas may be a more expensive place to purchase it I just used this as an example.

Don't get me wrong I love these brands, that is why I am so frustrated. They are brands that I have had my eye on several of their products. I have been looking at different websites which stock them a lot recently. There is most likely some very logical economic or legal explanation for these differences, however from a brief look it seems pretty ridiculous in my opinion. All I know is next time I am in America I will most likely have a very long list of things I'm better off buying over there than here.


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